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  1. They share directors from the top multinational banks and investment houses .
  2. It has been applied to measure and predict financial risk by many bank and investment institution
  3. The website uses the name of dbs bank and offers a number of banking and investment services
    该网站使用星展银行的英文名称dbs bank ,并声称提供多项银行及投资服务。
  4. The website is operated by an alleged " hkebc hong kong " , which claims that it offers various banking and investment services
    Www . hkebc . com的怀疑欺诈网站。该网站由声称的汇通
  5. In the history , commercial banking and investment banking evolved from combinating to separating , then back to combinating
    世界银行业大体经历了“融合? ?分立? ?再融合”的演变过程。
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  7. The website claims that " east asia credit " offers a number of banking and investment services , including deposit taking
  8. But since the repeal of glass - steagall in 1999 , commercial banks and investment banks have jumped onto each other ' s turf
  9. The website is operated by an alleged " fortiz bank asia hk " , which claims that it has offices in hong kong and london , and offers various banking and investment services
  10. In the u . s . , the separation of commercial banking and investment banking was set down in the " glass - steagall act " following the economic crisis in 1929 - 1933
  11. The website is operated by an alleged " bank of swisscredit " which claims that it has a head office in zurich and branches in hong kong and canada , and offers various banking and investment services
  12. After the wave of merger , a number of diversified groups combining insurance companies , banks and investment firms have been created and have become of significant importance in the eu
  13. According to the website , " pacific asian bank " is an investment bank chartered in canada and operating out of samoa . the website claims that " pacific asian bank " offers a number of banking and investment services to both individuals and corporations throughout the world
    根据该网站提供的资料, pacific asian bank为加拿大特许投资银行,运作于萨摩亚群岛,并声称pacific asian bank在世界各地向个人及公司提供多项银行及投资服务。
  14. This passage , by summing up the problems and analyzing the causes to the present problems , tries to find better ways to deal with the problems in the process of commercial bank operation by icbc , jilin branch . this passage starts with the basic theories of investment bank , the chapter 1 discusses the relationship between investment bank and commercial bank , unit 1 introduces the concept , the economic function , the developing model of international and domestic investment bank ; unit 2 describes combination , separate operation and recombination process between commercial bank and investment bank , and analyzes the differences by graphs ; unit 3 introduces the mix - operation tendency of commercial bank and investment bank , the dominant mode of big international bank is to carry out the mix - operation according to the investment bank ’ development history of the
  15. Legal services on finance : conduct the overall planning and statement on bank loan projects ; supply the legal services concerned on bank loan ; act as the legal adviser for the government owned commercial banks , joint stock commercial banks , city commercial banks and investment banks ; draft , review , amend the contract on banking ; participate in the negotiation , testimony and maintenance of the non lawsuit monetary items ; examine the standing of the borrowers ; conduct the lawsuit and arbitration on the disputes on letter of credit , deposit receipt , entrust loan , capital call market , bank bill
  16. They even use very similar domain names as the genuine websites . the main purpose of these websites is to make you believe that they are either the original company organization or subsidiaries with a view to deceiving you to join in their bogus business . examples are bogus cyber banks and investment house in which culprits created the websites with features of a mix of legitimate text and logo taken from a genuine website , say a bank
    这些网站经过精心设计,看似真实网站,甚至使用与真实网站十分接近的域名,其主要目的是骗取你的个人资料(例如姓名、地址、信用卡号码) ,然后利用这些资料,以你的名义申请信用卡、贷款等。
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