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  1. Czarnecki presents classic recipes like glace de morille and also basic recipes.
  2. And the basic recipes aren't sacrosanct; there's plenty of room for variation.
  3. She likes to get creative, varying the basic recipe year to year.
  4. Starting with a basic recipe, he experimented with different blends of ingredients.
  5. It's a very basic recipe, which you can change as you wish.
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  7. But I made a lot of adjustments to the basic recipe.
  8. The following basic recipe comes from Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel food writer Deborah Hartz.
  9. When Goya calls on Greenlaw, the company gives him a basic recipe outline.
  10. Weegie Hoffman ( e-mail ) wants a basic recipe for Oriental lo mein.
  11. Basically, it is the same because they use a basic recipe.
  12. Garry Howard provides basic recipes and exotic variations, such as Jamaican jerk marinade.
  13. In fact, it came into existence to defend the basic recipe from heresy.
  14. To make your own generic rice casserole, follow the most-basic recipe given here.
  15. The basic recipe for the marbits is uncomplicated : sugar, corn syrup and gelatin.
  16. To add pizzazz, stir a can of chopped green chiles into the basic recipe.
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