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  1. The Basilica Aemilia and the Basilica Julia were also burned.
  2. Boniface's supporters retreated to the basilica Julia, where they elected Boniface.
  3. It was Julius Caesar who artistically constructed the hall of Basilica Julia for administrative purposes.
  4. There is a stairway going down to it visible next to the Basilica Julia at the Forum.
  5. The Arch spanned the " Vicus Jugarius " between the Temple of Saturn and the Basilica Julia.
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  7. In 54 BC, the Basilica Sempronia was demolished by Julius Caesar in order to build his Basilica Julia.
  8. The Basilica Julia was partially destroyed in 410 AD when the Visigoths sacked Rome and the site slowly fell into ruin over the centuries.
  9. Some 130 years later, Julius Caesar built the Basilica Julia, along with the new Curia Julia, refocusing both the judicial offices and the Senate itself.
  10. The Basilica Julia was built on the site of the earlier Basilica Sempronia ( 170 BC ) along the south side of the Forum, opposite the Basilica Aemilia.
  11. The Forum's basilicas during the Imperial period the Basilica Aemilia on the north and the Basilica Julia on the south defined its long sides and its final form.
  12. The Vicus Jugarius entered the Forum from the southwest, along the shoulder of the Capitoline Hill and between the Temple of Saturn and the Basilica Julia near Servilius Pool.
  13. On the right relief, depicted left to right, the buildings are : The Ficus Ruminalis and the statue of Marsyas; the Basilica Julia; the Temple of Saturn; the Temple of Vespasian and Titus; and the Rostra ( only one of which are visible ).
  14. On the left, again from left to right : the speakers'platform in front of the Temple of Divus Julius; the Arch of Augustus; the Temple of Castor and Pollux; the Vicus Tuscus; the Basilica Julia; the Ficus Ruminalis and the statue of Marsyas, champion of the people.
  15. "' Vicus Tuscus "'( " Etruscan Street " or " Tuscan Street " ) was an ancient street in the city of Rome, running southwest out of the Roman Forum between the Basilica Julia and the Temple of Castor and Pollux towards the Forum Boarium and Circus Maximus via the west side of the Palatine Hill and Velabrum.


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