1. Floor plan of a Christian church of basilical form, with the transept shaded.
  2. This date is at the beginning of the building of basilical churches in Asia Minor.
  3. It consists of basilical plant, with three naves, which have the same height.
  4. A basilical church was first built in the 5th century AD dedicated to St . Demetrius.
  5. The church has a basilical plan, and its mosaics have only the figures in mosaic and no background.
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  7. The church's basilical plan evokes several grand schemes of religious architecture without specifically copying one in particular.
  8. Early Byzantine churches were predominantly basilical or centrally planned ( e . g . cruciform tetraconch churches, octagons ).
  9. The cathedral has a basilical ground plan, with three naves and three semicircular apses with piers on round bases.
  10. The interior features large mushroom columns typical of industrial architecture and they give the long store rooms a basilical appearance.
  11. Galilei's fa鏰de removed all vestiges of traditional, ancient, basilical architecture and imparted a neo-classical facade.
  12. The most characteristic creation of the entire 14th century remained the basilical municipal church with a long nave and no transept.
  13. Saint Laurentius church was built around 1000 AD near the basilical ground plan, with an eastern and a western choir.
  14. The Chapel of the Holy Family, a fine basilical structure, was built in 1996 in memory of Sister Anna Sheils.
  15. "' Museo di Bonaria "'( Basilical Church Museum of Bonaria ), with an interesting ex-voto collection
  16. It is called St Mark's Basilica, not because it is of basilical shape, but because it has been awarded that title.
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