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  1. it is pertinent to review briefly their overall significance and relative importance .
  2. it is pertinent to assess squad strength ahead of this game
  3. 12 over the centuries chinese calligraphers have devoted substantive attention to the study of the forms, law and theories that are pertinent to the art of calligraphy
  4. thus research and education relating to women health are pertinent to the society at large, with a purpose to integrate relevant and practical knowledge into clinical and health care practices
  5. this point is pertinent to foreign aid for such projects as eliminating ( realistically, greatly reducing ) such third world plagues as hiv / aids and malaria
  6. It's difficult to find be pertinent to in a sentence. 用be pertinent to造句挺难的
  7. the glycoprotein eo of classical swine fever virus ( csfv ), besides being an envelope protein, possesses knase activity, which is pertinent to viral persistent infection in the host
  8. notice that some of the discussion will also be pertinent to cases where you have text, comments, and processing instructions as siblings of elements, but this discussion focuses solely on elements
  9. the point i brought about, that complete and genuine bodhi aspiration is the essence of one's devotion to dharma that will ensure that, whatever the outcome of one's experiences on the path, one's inner peace, joy and clarity will ever grow, is pertinent to all sincere practitioners
  10. the thesis has mainly finished the following work : an object-oriented model of power system is presented, including the detailed dynamic modeling of the components in power system . the model is pertinent to the real condition of power system and has the characteristics of great generality and flexibility . based on the object-oriented model founded, an object-oriented power system transient stability analysis package is developed, using vc + + program language
  11. as the controlling officer in respect of legal aid expenditure, the director of legal aid has agreed to provide legal aid funding, through the council, to assist those who seek a review under section 26a of the legal aid ordinance, insofar as the review arises from and is pertinent to his decision or order
  12. at the same time, it was indicated that the improved separating properties of membranes that had been marinated in methanol was pertinent to the degree of crystallization of polymer chains in membrane . also the effect of temperature and solvent mixtures on the performance of ca-eva composite membrane was related with reciprocity of polymer chains in membrane
  13. based on theory and software of gis, the thesis do some application research on the application of geographic information system to transportation planning, which is pertinent to characteristic of transportation planning and combined with actual circumstance of traffic zone and road network in certain city . during the process of transportation planning and by theoretical base and software development system of gis, basal database is founded, which consists of spatial database and attribute database in information system of transportation planning . the system provides corresponding tools for editing and modifying graph data and can flexibly do some operations such as adding, deleting and modifying and so on
  14. according to the theory that the probabilistic distribution of seismic intensity fits extreme value type hi, a method to confirm seismic power that is pertinent to the period of expectant use is discussed . at the same time, the way to deal with seismic details is given by introducing system coefficient and coefficient factor . in summary, this paper provides engineers a seismic design method that is pertinent to the period of the building's expectant use
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