be plagued with造句

"be plagued with"是什么意思   


  1. she was plagued with arthritis .
  2. in this project they were plagued with a variety of mechanical problems .
  3. this section of town has been plagued with property crimes
  4. she was plagued with arthritis
  5. people who thought that they valued integrity were plagued with lack of confidence
  6. It's difficult to find be plagued with in a sentence. 用be plagued with造句挺难的
  7. ye has since gone on to play for the national side, but has been plagued with injuries in recent years
  8. at this time of year university admission offices are plagued with inquires from anxious applicants
  9. when you begin meditation, you will be plagued with thoughts from your surface mind, which acts like a huge memo pad
  10. the mayor of shenzhen yesterday bemoaned the fact that the southern boom town was plagued with traffic jams and pollution
  11. we think there should be solidarity, with everyone working together for the good of the theatre . " since its grand re-opening last december the opera house has been plagued with in-fighting
  12. in so doing, it has been seen that much like earth, the great central sun has been plagued with certain manipulations that parallel the manner in which earth has been manipulated by the dark
  13. because of the input being not in place, uneven distribution, irrational structure, imperfect system, the management not being implemented, china's basic public service system is plagued with problems
  14. our economy has all along been plagued with serious disproportions stemming from the historical conditions before liberation and our protracted over-ambitious drive for success after the first five-year plan [ 1953-57 ]
  15. from england to america, since the question of ownership was resolved in a fairly satisfactory manner, these countries encountered few difficulties; those countries which have not resolved this question satisfactorily, however, have been plagued with problems of all sorts
  16. i have learnt that the hospital authority ( ha ) has not only been plagued with very serious fiscal deficits in recent years, but has also to pay out huge costs each year for medical incidents and the consequent lawsuits, thereby aggravating its financial burden
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