be poor at造句

"be poor at"是什么意思   


  1. You know , i am poor at english , especially at spoken english
  2. Being poor at english , i ' m afraid i can ' t make myself understood
  3. He is poor at spelling
  4. But communications in those days were poor at best , and during wartime , it was almost impossible to get letters through
  5. What transpired during our negotiations confirmed our theory that the economic value of forest resources in peru ? and many other regions of the world ? is poor at best
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  7. The result shows that the students are poor at appreciating literary works , as resulted from the teachers " ignorance of literature and the misleading nemt . the thesis then analyzes the problems exposed by the questionnaire and intends to find out solutions
  8. The third asia agricultural information technology conference of beijing of october of 2002 ( aftta2002 ) is had , the experts emphasize the status of the agricultural information in the 21st century , and point out that agriculture does not realize the informationization all - sidedly , its modernization is unimaginable , the sign of the poverty is that the information is poor at first
    2002年10月北京第三届亚洲农业信息技术大会( afita2002 )上,专家们强调了21世纪农业信息的地位,并指出农业不全面实现信息化,其现代化是不可想象的,贫穷的标志首先是信息贫乏。


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