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  1. Beasley Smith's parents were teachers.
  2. Beasley Smith had written more than 100 songs by the time of his death in 1968.
  3. He formed his first band around 1922, and by 1925 the Beasley Smith Orchestra was entertaining regularly at the Andrew Jackson Hotel in downtown Nashville.
  4. "' Beg Your Pardon "'is a song written by Francis Craig and Beasley Smith and published in 1947 by the Robbins Music Corporation.
  5. ""'The Old Master Painter "'" is a song composed by Beasley Smith with lyrics by Haven Gillespie about a spiritual rendering of a sunset which evokes God.
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  7. Musicians Beasley Smith and Owen Bradley helped Cohen schedule his intensive, two-to-three-week Nashville visits by lining up stars, musicians, and arrangements ( many of them created on the spot ).
  8. Beasley Smith and Francis Craig co-wrote " Beg Your Pardon, " and it became the 1948 follow-up hit to " Near You " for Craig's band . " That Lucky Old Sun " ( 1949 ), co-written with Haven Gillespie was a million-seller for Frankie Laine and is now considered a pop-music standard.
  9. "' James " Haven " Lamont Gillespie "'( February 6, 1888  March 14, 1975 ) was an Beautiful Love ", " Drifting and Dreaming ", and " Louisiana Fairy Tale " ( which was used as the first theme song in the PBS Production of " This Old House " ), each song in collaboration with other people such as Beasley Smith, Ervin R . Schmidt, Richard A . Whiting, Wayne King, and Loyal Curtis.


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