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  1. I was also wondering if anyone recognises the beast below.
  2. "The Beast Below " was in the second production block of the series.
  3. The mighty trees with thick unassailable trunks are a match for the snarling beasts below.
  4. Beasts below, philosophers above : why not hunt down a hippo or harvest a rain forest?
  5. Russell Lewin gave " The Beast Below " four out of five stars, calling it " immensely satisfying ".
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  7. The Doctor would later claim that Time Lords came before humans did in " The Beast Below ".
  8. In 2010 in the Doctor Who episode The Beast Below the Queen Vic pub can be seen briefly in the background.
  9. However, while he praised Moffat's other episodes, he considered " The Beast Below " a " turkey ".
  10. The'middle eight'section was also reinstated, for the first time since 2010's " The Beast Below ".
  11. Hardiman appeared as Hawthorne in the episode of " Doctor Who ", " The Beast Below ", on 10 April 2010.
  12. ""'The Beast Below "'" is the second episode of the fifth series of the British science fiction television series " Doctor Who ".
  13. In February 2013, Moffat cited " The Beast Below " as his least-favourite among the episodes he wrote, describing it as " a bit of a mess ".
  14. "The Eleventh Hour " was released in Region 2 on DVD and Blu-ray with the following episodes " The Beast Below " and " Victory of the Daleks " on 7 June 2010.
  15. The second episode, " The Beast Below ", was to introduce Amy into the role of the Doctor's story arc, Rory officially dies and is erased from history and Amy's memory.
  16. "The Beast Below " was released in Region 2 on DVD and Blu-ray with the episodes " The Eleventh Hour " and " Victory of the Daleks " and special features on 7 June 2010.
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