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  1. Beat frequency electrotherapy unit
  2. Bfo beat frequency oscillator
  3. Beat frequency oscillator
  4. Beat frequency indication
  5. Effect of beat frequency on the measured phase of laser - diode heterodyne interferometry
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  7. Rotation speed of last and travel speed if vibrating - roller are adjustable as required . the beating frequency of vibrating - roller can be adjusted
  8. Such tags could emit 128 different signals in parallel , allowing the collection of data about an animal ' s breathing rate , wing - beat frequency and heartbeat ( if it were a species that actually has a beating heart ) in addition to its geographical location
  9. The methods of direct measurement with low precision such as frequency and time interval methods and the methods of indirect measurement with high precision such as beat frequency method , dual mixer time difference method and frequency difference multiplying method are supported on the platform . the fundamentals of each method are studied . the quantization error is analysed and the illustration is given for each method
  10. By using the processing method of sliding time window , the problem of the periodicity range ambiguity is solved . meanwhile , the problem of range ambiguity which is produced because the range of target is biger than the maximum range of radar is also solved by using this method . then , the pulse width parameter which is the most important in the parameters of fmicw is analyzed . the stricter restrict is given to ensure the range spectrum has only one beat frequency after signal processing . at last this thesis introduces the different signal processing methods of fmpcw and fmicw
  11. Based on the analysis of the beat frequency signal , the expression of the beat frequency phase is deduced . the expression indicates physics meanings of quantities to be detected and supplies theoretical bases for detection methods . by using two - dimensional fft , the range and velocity information of target is got out from the echo . according to the periodicity range ambiguity of symmetrical pulses in fmpcw , the processing method of sliding time window is used


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