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  1. She has also worked with Beat Furrer, Jukka Tiensuu and Misato Mochizuki.
  2. 4 _ SALVATORE SCIARRINO : ` LUCI MIE TRADITRICI'Klangforum Wien, conducted by Beat Furrer ( Kairos ).
  3. Founded by composer and conductor Beat Furrer in 1985, it is run on collective principles, having no official principal conductor.
  4. In these meetings he met composers as Jos?Manuel Lopez Lopez, Mauricio Sotelo, Beat Furrer, Joan Cerver?and composers of his generation as Voro Garcia, Aureliano Cattaneo or Eneko Vadillo.
  5. His first CD was of the complete piano works of John Adams, Michael Finnissy, Harrison Birtwistle, Beat Furrer, Justin Connolly, Brian Ferneyhough, Elliot Carter, Konrad Boehmer and many others.
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  7. She has participated in the following of his productions at the opera in Basel : as soloist in " W黶tenbuch " ( opera by Beat Furrer ), in " Meine faire Dame  ein Sprachlabor ", and " Lo Stimolatore Cardiaco ".
  8. The ensemble has premiered works by George Benjamin, Unsuk Chin, Hugues Dufourt, Beat Furrer, Stefano Gervasoni, Heinz Holliger, Michael Jarrell, Gy鰎gy Kurt醙, Jimmie LeBlanc, Martin Matalon, Tristan Murail, Isabel Mundry and Rebecca Saunders, amongst others.
  9. During his time in Wien ( 1979 1992 ) Sotelo works, creates ( " & et l'avare silence " ( 1988 ), among others ) and participates, together with Beat Furrer, in the naissance of the Societ?de l'Art acoustique, later known as Klangforum Wien.
  10. The New York Times said of a 2016 performance of Beat Furrer's String Quartet No . 3 and Hans Thomalla's " Bagatellen " for string quartet, " The quartet proved that they have everything : a supreme technical command that seems to come easily [ and ] a capacity to make complicated music clear . . ."
  11. His works have been performed by internationally acclaimed ensembles and orchestras such as " Ensemble Intercontemporain ", " Ensembe L itineraire ", " Ensemble Court-Circui't ", " Nouvel Ensemble Moderne ", " Arditti String Quartet ", " Orchestre National de France ", " Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg ", etc . and conducted by the prestigious conductors Arturo Tamayo, Pascal Roph? Beat Furrer, to name but a few.


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