beat man造句

"beat man"是什么意思   


  1. i can beat man now ! !
  2. i can beat man now ! !
  3. we expected to still be in the champions league and we expected to beat man city, but it just hasn't happened for us and we have to accept that
  4. “ when we beat man u early a couple of years ago it set the tone and getting these big ones out the way, especially if we win, other teams looking in take notice
  5. it is not of an individual who witnesses somebody who looks healthy and good to them . but it is just the opposite . the good samaritan and the beaten man are of two completely different cultures and social classes
  6. It's difficult to find beat man in a sentence. 用beat man造句挺难的
  7. an honest man who worked hard and loved his children, he was never able to take control of his life and climb out of the hole of blue-collar jobs-truck driver, factory worker, cabdriver-that left him a beaten man


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