1. Without creating all the matrices out by hand for the purposes of getting a quick count, we can use a handy online calculator to tally these results by selecting "'Beatpath Winner "'and pasting these values into the form as the list of ranked ballots.
  2. The Kemeny Young method, the Schulze method ( also known as " Schwartz sequential dropping ", " cloneproof Schwartz sequential dropping ", or the " beatpath method " ), ranked pairs, and maximal lotteries are recently designed Condorcet methods that satisfy a large number of voting system criteria.
  3. :: Markus Schulze has repeatedly attempted to undermine this article because the method competes with " his " self-named Schulze Method, which is also known by the more descriptive name of the " beatpath " method, although he has aggressively pushed the term " Schulze method " into common usage ( which is an ironic example of " neologism " ).
  4. It's difficult to find beatpath in a sentence. 用beatpath造句挺难的


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