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  1. Finalists included Burdette ( Stanford ), Beatrice Capra ( Duke ) and Allie Will ( Florida ).
  2. Lucie Hradeck?partnered up with Marina Erakovic and lost in the first round to Beatrice Capra and Coco Vandeweghe
  3. She again lost in the final of a tournament, this time in the 51st Trofeo Bonfiglio to Beatrice Capra.
  4. In 2011, Keys won a spot in her first US Open by beating Beatrice Capra in the finals of an eight-player wildcard playoff.
  5. After defeating Jarmila Gajdoaov? Iveta Beneaov?and Beatrice Capra in the first three rounds, Sharapova lost in the fourth round to top seed Caroline Wozniacki, in a match where she served nine double faults and committed 36 unforced errors.
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