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  1. Commissioned for the 1951 Festival of Britain, " Beatrice Cenci " was dropped from the festival program.
  2. He painted few portraits; those of Sixtus V, Cardinal Bernardino Spada, and the so called Beatrice Cenci are among the most noticeable.
  3. The 1969 Italian film " Beatrice Cenci ", directed by Lucio Fulci, follows the historical events of her life very closely.
  4. The first staged production of " Beatrice Cenci " in the UK was by the Trinity College of Music on 9 11 July 1998.
  5. His opera " Beatrice Cenci ", rejected in 1951, was given a concert performance in 1988 and a fully staged performance in 1994.
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  7. The identity of the Cenci portrait is very doubtful, since Beatrice Cenci was executed in Rome before Reni ever lived there and so could not have sat for the portrait.
  8. They are noted for their androgynous features, and their striking similarity to Guido Reni's painting of Beatrice Cenci, which was one of the poet's favorite pictures.
  9. He also worked as a designer for European stage productions of Jean Giraudoux's " Madwoman of Chaillot " and Alberto Moravia's " Beatrice Cenci ."
  10. On an court appeal by the Cenci family lawyer, the Pope decides to absolve Beatrice Cenci of all her sins but only after she is beheaded along with the rest of her family.
  11. A recording of " Beatrice Cenci " was released last year by Sony Classical, and a recording of the Cello Concerto, with Yo-Yo Ma as the soloist, is forthcoming.
  12. The painting of Beatrice Cenci by Mannerist painter Guido Reni ( 1575 1642 ) and the legend surrounding Beatrice figure prominently in Nathaniel Hawthorne's " The Marble Faun " ( 1860 ).
  13. Despite this, some of his movies ( such as " Beatrice Cenci " and " Don't Torture a Duckling " ) have been viewed as having anti-Catholic sentiment.
  14. Although the majority of his works were in Polish, he tried his hand at several works in French language ( " Le roi de Landawa ", " Beatrice Cenci " ).
  15. His second opera, " Beatrice Cenci " written in 1951, was given its first complete performance in 1988 by one of Britain's leading young conductors, Simon Rattle, and Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.
  16. He featured Beatrice Cenci, Martin Guerre, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, as well as more recent events and criminals, including the cases of the alleged murderers Karl Ludwig Sand and Antoine Fran鏾is Desrues, who were executed.
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