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  1. In 1990, KKR sold Beatrice Company to CAGSUB, Inc ., a wholly owned subsidiary of ConAgra Foods.
  2. When the tax dispute began, the taxpayer was Beatrice Companies Inc ., which later merged with Hunt-Wesson.
  3. The Beatrice of today goes by its 1984 name of Beatrice Companies, Inc ., which was approved by the 1984 stockholder meeting.
  4. The original Beatrice Companies, Inc . ( Beatrice Foods Co . before 1984, and Beatrice Creamery Company before 1946 ) went dormant in the late 1980s, but was revived in 2007.
  5. At our annual meeting in June, stockholders will be asked to change the name to Beatrice Companies, Inc . from Beatrice Foods Co . This change is appropriate given the company's evolution and present composition.
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  7. "' Donald P . Kelly "'( February 24, 1922 & ndash; March 18, 2010 ) was a Chicago businessman, most well known for the 1987 leveraged buyout of the Beatrice Companies.
  8. Through KKR, Hillman participated in the buyouts of, among others, American Forest Products Corporation; L . B . Foster Company; Fred Meyer; Beatrice Companies, Inc . ( Beatrice Foods ); Duracell; and RJR Nabisco.
  9. Milken, who was part of Carlton, not only financed the 1987 buyout through Drexel but also provided Lewis with the credibility he needed to persuade Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts, then the owner of the Beatrice Companies, that he could handle the deal.
  10. Johnson retired in October 1998, as president of Limited Distribution Services, a subsidiary of The Limited Inc . He also has more than 15 years of senior management experience in the consumer products and pharmaceutical industries industries, with Beatrice Companies and Warner Lambert Company.
  11. TLC Beatrice, which Reginald Lewis acquired in a 1987 leverage buyout of the international operations of Beatrice Companies, advertises itself as the leading distributor of food and grocery products in metropolitan Paris and runs the 420-store Franprix and 170-store Leader Price chains throughout France.
  12. James L . Dutt, a former chairman of the Beatrice Companies _ once a sprawling consumer products conglomerate with brands as disparate as Tropicana orange juice, Playtex undergarments and Samsonite luggage _ died Oct . 28 at his home in Charlotte, N . C . He was 77.
  13. In 1987, KKR had formed a new entity, with similar intent as E-II Holdings, called Beatrice Company, which was specifically created to include Beatrice Cheese, Inc ., Beatrice-Hunt / Wesson, Inc ., and Swift-Eckrich, Inc ..
  14. In 1987, Lewis bought Beatrice International Foods from Beatrice Companies for $ 985 million, renaming it TLC Beatrice International, a snack food, beverage, and grocery store conglomerate that was the largest African-American owned and managed business in the U . S . The deal was partly financed through Mike Milken of the maverick investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert.


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