beneficial use造句

"beneficial use"是什么意思   


  1. Reasonably beneficial use
  2. Each river has a slightly different set of wqos , specific to its particular characteristics and beneficial uses
  3. I will also focus on the most beneficial use of metadata annotation in aspect - oriented programming
  4. Through a series of analysis and research , the article proposes the realization of beneficial use of withdrawing which can improve the marketing competition ability
  5. These wqos laid out the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of water that need to be achieved to meet conservation goals and to support the various beneficial uses of different areas of water
  6. It's difficult to find beneficial use in a sentence. 用beneficial use造句挺难的
  7. The study advocates preserving and improving the heritage buildings that fall within the priority project areas or target areas . the heritage buildings should be revitalised for more productive and beneficial uses
  8. According to the author , space right is not a single right of the beneficial use , but the abstract outline of various types of space right , and as for its specific nature , is ascertained by the different purpose decided
  9. The research provides beneficial use and references for the mine geological environment protection and treatment planning in governments of chongqing city at all levels and also provided a theoretical foundation for further study and mine geological environment assessment
  10. Each wcz declared by the government would have a set of water quality objectives developed that were appropriate for its characteristics and its beneficial uses an expression that refers to what the water in question is mostly used for , as for example drinking , recreation , irrigation etc
  11. As far as practicable , the preserved heritage buildings should be put to proper community , public or other beneficial use . the aim is that these buildings should be a living and functional part of the community and not mere historical artefacts for display
  12. Thereunto , space usage right again is constituted by the space use right of ownership nature and the space use right of the nature of creditor ' s rights ; however concerning the nature of space right continental scholars of our country still have greater disputes on whether it is a kind of single right of the beneficial use


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