beneficiary certificate造句

"beneficiary certificate"是什么意思   


  1. Beneficiary certificates of privately placed securities investment trust funds
  2. Invested in beneficiary certificates as well as exchange - listed and over - the counter stocks
  3. The beneficiary certificate showing the raw material of the goods should be presented
  4. The provisions of subparagraphs 4 to 6 of paragraph 1 do not apply to exchange - traded fund beneficiary certificates
  5. Investment fund can be divided into open - end and close - end fund according to whether beneficiary certificate can be redeemed
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  7. The date of issuance of beneficiary certificates , and the dollar amount and fee for purchasing each unit of beneficiary certificates
  8. The term " beneficiary " used in these regulations refers to the holder of the bearer beneficiary certificate or the beneficiary of the registered beneficiary certificate
  9. The term " beneficiary certificate " used in these regulations refers to a security which is issued by the securities investment trust enterprise for raising the securities investment trust fund
  10. The rights of the beneficiary to payment , dividend distribution and other rights shall be in accordance with the contents of the beneficiary certificate and the number of beneficiary units
  11. Where the beneficiary requests redemption of the beneficiary certificate , the procedure , time , place , method for calculating the redemption price and redemption fee , and the time and method for the securities investment trust enterprise to pay the redemption price
  12. Article 10 for a securities firm that conducts securities business money lending under article 8 herein , the total outstanding financing balance for each type of security or beneficiary certificate eligible for use as financing collateral may not exceed 5 percent of the listed shares or beneficiary units of that type of security , and , calculated in aggregate with the outstanding balance of margin financing [ for that type of security ] in the margin trading market and the outstanding balance of securities settlement financing [ for that type of security ] by securities finance enterprises may not exceed 25 percent of the listed shares or beneficiary units of that type of security


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