1. Benzylic C-H bonds are oxidatively converted to carbonyl groups:
  2. Benzylic groups are related to allyl groups; both show enhanced reactivity.
  3. Some methods have also been developed to selectively fluorinate benzylic C H bonds.
  4. Benzylic and allylic are related in terms of structure, bond strength, and reactivity.
  5. It is a bifunctional molecule, featuring both vinyl and a benzylic chloride functional groups.
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  7. Zinc chloride also activates benzylic and allylic halides towards substitution by weak nucleophiles such as alkenes:
  8. NovJ and NovK form a heterodimer of J2K2 which is the active form of this benzylic oxygenase.
  9. Despite nonlinearity in benzylic SN2 reactions, electron withdrawing groups could either accelerate or retard the reaction.
  10. Tile alkyl group R should be primary or methyl, and preferably should be allylic or benzylic.
  11. ST1C3 sulfates large benzylic alcohols such as 1-hydroxymethyl-pyrene to chemically reactive mutagenic sulpho conjugates.
  12. A large number of stereoselective methods for benzylic and homobenzylic functionalization have been developed based on this property.
  13. Most esters are stable to Ni 2 B, except for benzylic, allylic and propargylic esters which are hydrogenlyzed:
  14. The major metabolic pathway is hypothesized as ester hydrolysis with subsequent conjugation of benzylic acid to form azoniaspironortropanol with glucuronic acid.
  15. Benzylic and even unactivated alcohols are also good substrates . 1, 2-Diols are cleaved by to dialdehydes or diketones.
  16. In similar fashion, ZnCl 2 promotes selective NaBH 3 CN reduction of tertiary, allylic or benzylic halides to the corresponding hydrocarbons.
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