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  1. On September 30, 2003, the Wisconsin Tavern League opposes raising the alcoholic beverage tax.
  2. Alcoholic beverage tax varies depending on the beverage.
  3. Now it appears that any extra beverage tax, if approved, would be a fraction of that.
  4. That, along with the government's proposed spending cuts and tax increases, including a beverage tax, could hurt Brahma's sales.
  5. The County Commissioners of each county voted whether to levy the 1 % food and beverage tax proposed by Marion County.
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  7. The idea of imposing an additional special beverage tax emerged from Mexico's Congress recently during a fierce debate over tax reform.
  8. The administration thinks it can collect $ 50 million more by more careful audits of how alcoholic beverage taxes are collected.
  9. Money to build the soccer park came from $ 14.5 million in county-wide hotel room and prepared food and beverage taxes.
  10. In 2014 Ness secured State authorization to re-establish a half percent tax on lodging and half percent on food and beverages tax.
  11. But Silver opposed the real-estate measure, and Bruno made it clear that he wanted money set aside to lower the beverage taxes.
  12. A series of anti-beverage tax radio ads has begun airing, sponsored by Mexico's National Association of Producers of Soft Drinks and Carbonated Water.
  13. He worked for the Wisconsin State Beverage Tax Division, the United States Office of Price Administration, and finally the Wisconsin Department of Internal Revenue.
  14. The center is being financed with excise-tax bonds, which are paid back through the city's hotel tax, a prepared food and beverage tax, and taxes on car rentals.
  15. But Dr . Armando Servin, a government health specialist in Chiapas, one of Mexico's poorest states, called the poverty argument against a beverage tax a " fallacy ."
  16. Due to negative health effects of overconsumption of sweetened beverages, a sweetened beverage tax ( soda tax ) has been recommended by the Institute of Medicine in 2009.
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