big lead造句

"big lead"是什么意思   


  1. If we get a big lead , we gotta pummel these guys
  2. The big led - display shows the actual differential pressure
  3. It started with him playin ' boobie when we had a big lead
  4. It will be the biggest led wholesales supermarket in the world
  5. She has maintained a big lead in the opinion polls while doing little campaigning
  6. It's difficult to find big lead in a sentence. 用big lead造句挺难的
  7. The rockets also ended a nine - game losing streak to the kings after they built their big lead late in the second quarter
  8. He kicked off the celebration when he moved to the front row of his private suite , where he could interact with fans while the yankees were building a big lead
  9. Later , he swatted troy hudson ' s layup and was whistled for goaltending to give the timberwolves the biggest lead by either team all game , 85 - 77 with 5 : 21 left
    之后姚打掉了哈德森投篮,结果被判干扰球,这样在比赛还有5分21秒结束时两队的分差拉到了最大, 85 - 77
  10. Barry sank a 3 - pointer after mcgrady came in for a 78 - 67 houston lead and mcgrady ' s 3 - pointer with 6 : 50 left gave the rockets their biggest lead to that point , at 83 - 71
    巴里在麦迪入场后以一个3分球是火箭领先优势达到78 - 67 .麦迪距比赛结束6 : 50秒的3分是火箭拿到全场最大的比分差距- 83比71
  11. Shanghai liana enterprise co , ltd is one of biggest led and decorative lighting manufacturers in the world , which collects together research and development ( r & d ) , production and sale
  12. A layup by kelenna azubuike put the warriors up 56 - 49 with 3 : 18 remaining in the period . it was the biggest lead for either team in the first half , but the lakers responded
  13. Edible fungi planting is a traditional industry among horticulture industry of jilin province , decades later , edible fungi planting has been developing rapidly , and has become one of the six biggest leading horticulture industry . however , many problems existing in the planting process has been restricting its development
  14. This thesis will play a very big leading role and have engineering practical value on pit - jacked pile rising to replace in the northwest loess . but at the same time , much work will need to perfect it , in order to draw much large lessons from the work to guide the practical engineering


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