big link造句

"big link"是什么意思   


  1. He described Letts as " the big link in changing my entire life ".
  2. Many believe opening the " big links " would create a booming trade area.
  3. "But the Italian public doesn't make such a big link between EMU and employment ."
  4. Jason obviously is a big link in our team.
  5. Many believe opening the " big links " would create one of the world's most booming trading zones.
  6. It's difficult to find big link in a sentence. 用big link造句挺难的
  7. He described Letts, who originally cast him in the role, as " the big link in changing my entire life ".
  8. First of all if you do delete this article, you have to make the link more clear it's a big link.
  9. "Iran is the big link in terrorism in Iraq, " he said at a meeting in the heavily protected Green Zone in Baghdad.
  10. Before the big links can happen, the two sides will have to hold high-level negotiations _ something they don't seem ready to do soon.
  11. Lastly, on the very front page of " starnetinc . com " one sees a big link to " Megapop Dial-Dial Up Access ".
  12. *You get 3 lines of text and then a big link to click that . . . reloads the same page, with a form on it.
  13. I didn't put any AdSense or other crap on the page, I also added a big link at the bottom that returns the user to the previous page.
  14. Relaxing the ban on the big links will be more difficult because it will involve negotiations between the two sides, whose leaders have not met in more than a half century.
  15. The box at top of the help desk has a big link saying " Click here to ask a new question about how to use or edit Wikipedia " . talk)
  16. Some admins have, or should have, a subpage like User talk : SchuminWeb / unprotected talk page with a big link to it at the top of the real talk page.
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