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  1. Development of rotating perfusion bioreactor system and application for bone tissue engineering
  2. The use of plants as an expression system for recombinant protein production would be at least as economical as traditional industrial facilities ( by fermentation processes or bioreactor systems )
  3. Preliminary clinical trials demonstrate that fl treatment resulted in an antitumor response against human malignances and development of a variety of bioreactor systems , and results from the efficacy of ex vivo expanded hematopoietic cells for transplantation therapy
    临床前实验表明, fl用于造血干细胞移植可有效地扩增体内的造血干细胞,提高机体对肿瘤细胞的主动免疫能力,为肿瘤临床免疫治疗提供了一种更为有效的治疗手段。
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