1. Birkhahn said there were no previous code violations filed against Forkosh.
  2. It may be months before any of the businesses can return, Birkhahn warned.
  3. Birkhahn said that building also was being demolished.
  4. They also closed the sidewalk and five commercial stores on that strip, said Birkhahn.
  5. Birkhahn said the building was cited for two violations in 1996, for structural defects.
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  7. The city has no record of this correspondence, said Ted Birkhahn, a Buildings Department spokesman.
  8. There are no city ordinances barring visitors from construction sites that are on private property, Birkhahn said.
  9. Birkhahn said the drains on the roof of the classroom extension apparently were blocked by leaves or debris.
  10. "We can't assume anything, " said Ted Birkhahn, a Buildings Department spokesman.
  11. Birkhahn said he did not know if any of the rods were used to shore up the back wall.
  12. Corp ., were issued violations for failing to apply for permits to install the shed, Birkhahn said.
  13. But preliminary indications were that no construction work was being done on the building at the time, Birkhahn said.
  14. City regulations require that the facades of buildings taller than six stories be inspected every five years, Birkhahn said.
  15. Birkhahn, the Buildings Department spokesman, said Monday that he was unable to confirm the executive's account.
  16. Birkhahn said that building inspectors should have been notified by the company before any attempt was made to repair the elevator.
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