1. Police and firefighters were investigating the cause of the fire, Blaton said.
  2. It took the firefighters about 20 minutes to get the blaze under control, Blaton said.
  3. The fire happened at a disco in the town of Karvina, 360 kilometers ( 200 miles ) east of Prague, said a Tomas Blaton, a local firefighter officer.
  4. The fire broke out in the early morning in the town of Karvina, 360 kilometers ( 200 miles ) east of Prague, said a Tomas Blaton, a local firefighter officer.
  5. In 1946 he moved back to Warsaw where he took a position at the University of Warsaw and where, in that year he got his magisterium in theoretical physics under Jan Blaton.
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  7. In the 1978 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ecurie Francorchamps'last Le Mans, Teddy Pilette, Jean Blaton and Raymond Touroul failed to finish at the wheel of a Ferrari 512BB.
  8. This was achieved, B閞u's column retaking Lincelles, whilst the brigade of Jacques MacDonald advanced from Quesnoy-sur-De鹟e, surprised the Dutch at Blaton and captured 7 cannon.
  9. The circle of his disciples and associates included in Lw體 Jan Blaton, Wanda Hanusowa, Roman StanisBaw Ingarden, Wasyl Milianczuk, Jerzy Rayski, in Warsaw Bohdan Karczewski, Wojciech Kr髄ikowski, Adam Kujawski, Jan Petykiewicz, Jerzy PlebaDski.
  10. Slightly further on is the 2005 m long Arbre Viaduct ( one of the longest rail viaducts in Europe ) between Ath and Chi鑦res; it passes over the Ath Blaton canal, the Dender River, the Mons road and the Ath Jurbise railway.
  11. To facilitate this and take advantage of York's nearby support Orange decided to lead a column against the French-held village of Lincelles, while another under the Friedrich Karl August, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont attacked Blaton slightly to the north.
  12. As businessman, he has held top management positions in Canal + Belgium ( now BeTV ( Belgium ) ), Belgacom and the SNCB-the Belgian railway company, among others, and several positions as director in BT Belgium, CIT Blaton and Carmeuse.
  13. According to the auctioneers, after 4293 GT completed the grueling 24-hour race at Le Mans in 1963, it was driven to Paris for an extravaganza of celebrations, then driven back to Belgium _ the home of its two drivers, Jean Blaton and Gerard Langlois van Ophem.
  14. Late on 22 August, reports arrived that the British had occupied the Sixt von Armin ordered an attack on the canal crossings of P閞uwelz and Blaton and ordered the 8th Division to reconnoitre from Tournai to Cond?and to keep contact with " H鰄ere Kavallerie-Kommando " 2 ( HKK 2, II Cavalry Corps ).


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