1. The post office and village pub were situated in Little Blencow, but both are now closed.
  2. Adam de Blencowe was awarded land by Edward III in 1358 and the original family home was built in Great Blencow.
  3. The mansion of "'Ennim "'just south of the village was the home for many years of the Blencow family.
  4. He was the son of William Langbaine, born at Barton, Westmoreland, and was educated at the free school at Blencow, Cumberland.
  5. Subsequently in the 15th or 16th century the family built a new home, the current Blencowe Hall, just to the west of Little Blencow.
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  7. Also at Newbiggin is the Hanson plc Blencowe Limestone Quarry and Blockworks, and the former Blencow railway station on the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway.
  8. The Keswick to Penrith section followed suit in March 1972, though freight trains continued to run to Flusco and Blencow ( at the eastern end of the line ) until the following June.
  9. Accordingly, the station was named Blencow ( without a final  e .  ) It was one of the first on the line to be illuminated by " modern " acetylene lights.
  10. The line was eventually doubled over the heavy gradients between Threkeld and Red Hills : doubling between Threkeld and Troutbeck ( west of the summit ) was in effect by 1896; extension of this to Penruddock was undertaken in 1900, along with doubling east of the summit ( Red Hills to Blencow ) and was not completed until spring 1901 ..
  11. Unlike the M & CR, the CP & KR had severe gradients ( west-bound a climb of 1 in 70 between Penrith and Blencow, east-bound 1 in 62?between Threkeld and Troutbeck ) and therefore higher running costs; a CK & PR chairman claimed that a locomotive could haul on the M & CR a train three times as heavy as it could haul over the CK & PR . Nor did the CK & PR have the lucrative local colliery traffic of the M & CR . Passenger and goods traffic on the line were, however, sufficient to make the CK & PR profitable; eventually passenger traffic became the main revenue as mineral traffic declined further.


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