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  1. Austin blind salamanders, typically juveniles, have been observed at spring outlets.
  2. Other life in the cave includes the Ozark blind salamander.
  3. These include blind salamanders and endemic fish that have adapted to living in complete darkness.
  4. Other aquatic troglobites include cave fish, and cave salamanders such as the olm and the Texas blind salamander.
  5. The endangered species included the Fountain Darter, San Marcos Salamander, San Marcos Gambusia, Texas Blind Salamander, and Texas Wild-rice.
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  7. Other species to be removed from the San Marcos River include the San Marcos salamander, Texas blind salamander, fountain darter, and San Marcos Gambusia, a small fish.
  8. The "'Texas blind salamander "'( " Eurycea rathbuni " ) is a rare cave-dwelling troglobite amphibian native to San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, specifically the San Marcos Pool of the Edwards Aquifer.
  9. Among many others, you'll meet gorgeous birds of paradise, Sulawesi naked bats, a sail-tailed lizard, a crimson-faced monkey, the mind-blowing crested basketfish and the long-lived olm, a pink, blind salamander found in European caves.
  10. If Congress can't wrest control of the Endangered Species Act from environmental radicals in and out of government, then America surely is going to the birds-- and the sand fleas, rats, blind salamanders and untold other critters and plants.
  11. Many sources also refer to several species of the genus as "'cave salamanders "', due to their choice of habitat, or as "'blind salamanders "', due to their reduced eyes, or the antiquated term for aquatic salamanders, " Triton ".
  12. These adaptations include rudimentary ( or even absent ) eyes thus the related term "'" blind salamanders " "' or absence of pigmentation, rendering them a pale yellowish or pinkish color ( e . g ., " Eurycea rathbuni " ).
  13. Aquarena Center was designated as a " critical habitat, " subject to the Endangered Species Act, because the springs are home to the fountain darter, the Texas Blind Salamander, the San Marcos Salamander, the San Marcos gambusia, and Texas Wild Rice.
  14. Their rescuers hope that by preserving and breeding the Texas blind salamanders and the San Marcos salamanders, there will be a backup supply in case the water level at the Edwards Aquifer here drops below the point necessary for their survival.


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