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  1. One of the myths of blindness is that the blind see only darkness.
  2. In Colin Bateman's world, the blind see and everybody dies.
  3. A beggar who pretends to be blind sees him leave the scene of the crime.
  4. Mann has said we will make the deaf hear, the blind see and the lame walk,
  5. To make the blind see I throw dust in their eyes " ) during the chapter " Circe ."
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  7. Children who are blind see with fingers that fly over surfaces, the tactile sense transmitting information to the brain.
  8. The episode telecast August 28, 1931, aired at 9 : 00 PM, preceded by Irwin Trio and followed by " How the Blind See ".
  9. "Even the blind see the seriousness of the Palestinian Authority's efforts on the ground since President Arafat's speech, " said Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian negotiator.
  10. Visions of gods moving mountains or parting the sea, helping the blind see or the crippled walk still enthrall the faithful outside the big cities.
  11. Scientists, electrical engineers and people such as Thomas Sanderson and DARPA use nanotecnology to create robotic people making the blind see and the deaf hear.
  12. According to legend, when the hairs were removed from their traveling case, the earth shook, the winds blew, the deaf could hear and the blind see.
  13. This was the headquarters for the Beggars Guild of medieval Paris, the place where at day's end " the blind see and the lame walk ."
  14. There have been real advances in the labs over the past few years, with technologies that may someday let the blind see and the deaf hear.
  15. Vaikundar cured the sick, blessed those without progenies with offspring, made the dumb speak, the blind see, and rooted out the curses that had been engulfing the people.
  16. People from all over Cambodia are flocking to this small southern village convinced that two of its residents can save the dying and make the blind see again.
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