blind shot造句

"blind shot"是什么意思   


  1. Despite the blind shots, it is a great test, an enjoyable course.
  2. "Sometimes they are just blind shots in the dark, " he said.
  3. You'll have some blind shots if you hit a poor shot.
  4. It has a lot of blind shots and so takes a bit more learning,
  5. Uphill hole makes for a blind shot to the green for the big hitters.
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  7. He admitted that the tiebreaking putt was a blind shot.
  8. There's only one blind shot, on the par 5 14th.
  9. You really need it on a course like this where you have blind shots,
  10. There are a lot of blind shots out here.
  11. It's another blind shot to a narrow, rolling fairway.
  12. There are a lot of blind shots out there.
  13. Kenny Perry described Olympic as " very severe, " with a high percentage of blind shots.
  14. The bunker is 16 feet deep, meaning players will have a blind shot to the green.
  15. Before the tournament, Nicklaus criticized the numerous blind shots and complained that the course lacked definition.
  16. With Colorado on the power play, Sandis Ozolinsh blasted a waist-high blind shot from the left point.
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