blind side造句

"blind side"是什么意思   


  1. This design has its blind side
  2. The department sets up to spread all over the market sale network of the whole country , huge but again unimpeded , can expand the product to the whole country with the quickest speed everyplace , the realization has no the blind side to overlay
  3. The second part discusses the problem - solving based learning and summarizes its characters and our blind sides in this field , and then develops our purposes of the thesis . the third part introduces two theoretic bases , problem - solving theory and constructivism
  4. Result : the magician displays a transparent clipboard with a common of poker is many to lend a bill to put into the transparent clipboard towards fold after , toward the view immediately after , then the magician insert the poker into of the blind side that the bill fold , and get empty a bill but , and perpendicular top and bottom of pull and move bill , the end draw out bill again transparent clipboard , result the bill integrity is as before
  5. Notice some corners much and much , will have already concealed to see a point to test you to probe an ability , a very divertive game . find out 12 kind things in the room first , there are more difficult several kinds to seek . bring about a pillow , the blind side that click the bedside and mattress contain one section battery , another a the section battery is also nearby in the bed , turning on a television , there is one personal dancing , he will point out a place finally , there is the star number manifestation , notice and wait film to broadcast to finish to click again 3 times , the safe - deposit box would appear
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