blind sided造句


  1. That means an investor could be blind sided if a bond defaults.
  2. Leland said that he, too, was blind sided.
  3. At stake is the blind side of quarterback Dave Brown.
  4. It came from out of the dark, from the blind side.
  5. Schlereth is there to protect his blind side with tackle Gary Zimmerman.
  6. It's difficult to find blind sided in a sentence. 用blind sided造句挺难的
  7. He will he attacking Marino from his blind side.
  8. He got them Sunday _ from his blind side.
  9. Definitely blind sided, at a minimum blind sided,
  10. Definitely blind sided, at a minimum blind sided,
  11. Israel pounced on Tupa from the blind side and knocked the ball loose.
  12. He came in unblocked on the blind side as Peterson released the ball.
  13. Simon and Rajaselvam send a goon to kill Bellary from his blind side.
  14. Farmer graduated from the The Blind Side ".
  15. He primarily played as a blind side number eight.
  16. The blind side of the body is white, with scattered dark melanophores.
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