blocking state造句

"blocking state"是什么意思   


  1. Ports transition from the blocking state to the listening state
  2. The blocking state of a port is renamed as the discarding state
  3. In this case , i passed in a block stating the following
  4. The path that is not the least cost path to the root bridge returns to the blocking state
  5. A switched internetwork has converged when all the switch and bridge ports are in either the forwarding or blocking state
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  7. If a process is waiting for an event , i . e . , the process lacks one of the necessary resources for processing , it is in the blocked state
  8. This allows the gate to regain control in order to turn the device on at some controllable time after it has again entered the forward blocking state
    这样,当晶闸管重新处于正向阻断状态(器件处于可控时间) ,使得门极变得可控。
  9. The thyristor can be trigged into the on - state by applying a pulse of positive gate current for a short duration provided that the device is in its forward blocking state
  10. The spanning - tree protocol requires network devices to exchange messages to detect bridging loops . links that will cause a loop are put into a blocking state
  11. During the research of the novel high - voltage soi lateral structure , we established its blocking theory based on poisson equation , which classifies its blocking mechanism by describing the potential distribution in the drift region very well when the device is in the blocking state
  12. In view of the very small leakage currents in the blocking state ( reverse bias ) and the small voltage in the conducting state ( forward bias ) as compared to the operating voltage and currents of the circuit in which the diode is used , the i - v characteristics for the diode can be idealized


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