blocking technique造句


  1. Linemen will glare at familiar foes with familiar blocking techniques.
  2. The movement of your body and the kicking or blocking techniques become slower,
  3. Rams players did not like the Denver offensive linemen's blocking techniques.
  4. He took an interest in improving his blocking technique.
  5. Brown used him as a model to demonstrate blocking technique in training camp.
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  7. :Are you using any ad-blocking techniques?
  8. The coaches want him to work on his timing and blocking techniques this week.
  9. I really need to employ proper blocking technique.
  10. Switzer even got up from their table and showed Leach some wishbone blocking techniques.
  11. He received his Ph . D . in offensive-line blocking techniques long ago.
  12. The linemen spend 30 to 45 minutes each day working on foot work and blocking techniques.
  13. He also said complaints about dirty blocking techniques underscore a wider difference of opinion in the NFL.
  14. At 5-7, 170 pounds, Miller did not exactly possess perfect blocking technique, either.
  15. "They haven't seen the type of blocking techniques we use very often ."
  16. Use the multitude of blocking techniques to censor your own family, not your neighbor's family.
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