bloodymania 5造句


  1. A rematch was scheduled between the two at Bloodymania 5.
  2. Jeeves then challenged Wellington to a match at Bloodymania 5 where the winner would receive the services of his wife.
  3. Both men wrestled each other at Bloodymania 5, with Gowen emerging victorious after U-Gene was caught cheating again.
  4. After Randy and Force fought and attacked each other, a triple threat match was made between them and O Neal at Bloodymania 5.
  5. All of the main stage performances, as well as the wrestling events Bloodymania 5 and Legends & Icons, were broadcast live on internet pay-per-view.
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  7. Due to The Weedman's storyline illegal use of smoking and selling marijuana, U . S . Marshal Adam Pearce was brought in by Cabana the following week, and the team was placed in a tag team match against 2 Tuff Tony and a mystery partner at Bloodymania 5.


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