1. D'Enforcas have also opened for Hip Hop, R & B, Ideal, Doug E . Fresh, Bilal, Wu-Tang Clan, Dwele, Young Bloodz, Hi-Tek, Avant and Ryan Leslie.
  2. Q has opened up for & headlined with major artists such as UGK, Tela, Cash money, Ludacris, Lil jon, Master P, Bubba sparxxx, Juvenile, Ying yang twins, Trina, Lil flip, Young bloodz, Clipse, David banner, Nappy roots, Choppa, 2 live crew, Petey Pablo, Remy ma, Gucci mane, B . G ., Rick Ross, Lil Boosie, Gorilla Zoe, Ginuwine, Plies, Yo Gotti & T-pain.
  3. It's difficult to find bloodz in a sentence. 用bloodz造句挺难的


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