board and batten造句

"board and batten"是什么意思   


  1. "' Church of the Transfiguration "'is a historic board and batten siding.
  2. The base of the steeple was clad in board and batten siding.
  3. They were frame buildings that used boards and battens as exterior wall covering.
  4. The exterior walls are brown-stained board and batten siding laid horizontally.
  5. The house is constructed from concrete block with horizontal board and batten siding.
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  7. The one-story, gable-roofed structure is clad with board and batten siding.
  8. The style of architecture used for the new buildings was board and batten.
  9. A . I'm inclined to think that the board and batten would be best.
  10. The building also has board and batten siding, which lasts longer than wooden siding.
  11. The gatehouse is'carpenter gothic'in style, featuring board and batten siding, a steep roof and'gingerbread'ornamentation.
  12. This low one-story home is built of Wisconsin limestone, redwood board and batten, and glass.
  13. Board and batten was only used on smaller examples.
  14. The board and batten, done right, will be watertight.
  15. It is constructed from timber in the style known as " board and batten ".
  16. A board and batten rectory was built in 1854.
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