boat boys造句

"boat boys"是什么意思   


  1. Usually the boat boy or girl holds the incense boat.
  2. Back at the boathouse, we find Itchy has been demoted to Boat Boy.
  3. The gangster commandeers a yacht, so Billy gets the keys to the fastest speedboat from the boat boy.
  4. Itchy returns to tell everyone that he's been fired form his job as Boat Boy, too.
  5. Note also at the lower right of the photograph the cotta of a boat boy or girl can be seen.
  6. It's difficult to find boat boys in a sentence. 用boat boys造句挺难的
  7. In " iQuit iCarly ", he became Spencer's " boat boy " and he helped him defeat the Pirates.
  8. Major stakeholder groups include " boat boys " ( locals who service the visiting yachts ); diver and hotel operators; and the fishers.
  9. Some are veterans of the country's flashiest legal battles, from O . J . Simpson and boat boy Elian Gonzalez to software giant Microsoft.
  10. Another server, previously called a boat boy and now more commonly a boat bearer, may carry a boat or container of incense to add as the thurible burns low.
  11. This thurifer is waiting until the last moment to hand off the incense boat to the boat boy or boat girl to reduce the risk of the youth spilling the incense.
  12. Janaka Peiris, fondly known as Peiris, has been a boat boy of the rowing club for over 30 years and is considered a permanent fixture of the club with many members and oarsmen having their own " Peiris story"
  13. A company employee would chain the tunnel entrance behind a convoy of boats and walk over Boat Lane, accompanied by boat boys and girls leading the boat horses, to unchain the opposite end of the tunnel before the boat convoy arrived.
  14. "Some of the boat boys are now reducing their profit margins or absorbing the difference in the currency increase to make it more affordable, " said Mr Ronald Chiew, managing director of Protemp Exhibitions which is organising the 8th Malaysia International Boat Show.
  15. The Elian Gonzalez case signaled last winter that Gore was going to be hammering Florida issues, in that case, the return of the boat boy to Cuba over the demonstrations and protests of Cuban-Americans, a significant and usually Republican voting bloc, especially in the Miami region.
  16. From the beginning, Florida was a campaign battle zone between George W . Bush and Al Gore, the role of Gov . Jeb Bush rated a plus for his brother, the vice president breaking with the administration in the case of boat boy Elian Gonzalez, catering to Cuban-American voters in an early sign that he meant to compete for the state.


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