boat builders造句


  1. They established Farley and Son, Boat Builders, in 1915.
  2. We concluded he was the best boat builder in the United States.
  3. But the boat builder won't miss the chest.
  4. He is a carpenter, boat builder and pile driver.
  5. Later Throughgood Pate descendants were boat builders at Hobucken, North Carolina.
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  7. Rock Ferry was home to a number of boat builders.
  8. Cruisers claimed to be the foremost lapstrake boat builder in the world.
  9. Generally, the Lanagalanga people are very skilful boat builders.
  10. The masts were made by the boat builder Franciszek LewiDski.
  11. His father Ken Beashel is a sailor and boat builder in Sydney.
  12. Out of 27, 000 inhabitants there were 425 Iranian boat builders.
  13. It is suitable for construction by community groups and amateur boat builders.
  14. Are any classic, wooden boat builders interested in making working copies?
  15. It looks at their customs and their skills as boat builders and sailors.
  16. Gondoliers, water-taxi operators, and boat builders are all skeptical.
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