boat charge造句

"boat charge"是什么意思   


  1. RCMP boats charged into the tiny bay, sirens and loudspeakers blazing.
  2. The Israeli boats charged at forty knots, but after about thirty minutes it turned out that they had been chasing electronic shadows.
  3. I asked as the boat charged upstream, its weak outboard motor making enough noise to frighten away any but the bravest of reptiles.
  4. Kerry's boats charged the riverbank, blasting away with heavy 50 mm machine guns, then put the Vietnamese troops ashore to sweep the area.
  5. During their appearances before the group, neither Bush nor Kerry mentioned the controversy over the president's guard duty or the Swift Boat charges.
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  7. And as Caruso said, you can't beat the price : free air fills, no boat charges and a six-minute boat ride to the site.
  8. In the Canary Islands off Spain, where tens of thousands of Europeans descend every year to ogle pilot whales, tourist boats charge their quarry as if they were in an oceanic rodeo.
  9. This year, sea kayaking in the Kenai Fjords in southern Alaska is offered July 27 to Aug . 1 at $ 995, plus a charter boat charge of about $ 195 a person to get to the camping area.


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