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  1. Two additional boat graves were found during the most recent excavations.
  2. The Abydos boats were found in boat graves with their prows pointed towards the Nile.
  3. O'Connor said that other artifacts found in and around the boat graves might eventually help with dating and understanding this royal fleet.
  4. Umm el-Qa'ab is a royal necropolis that is about one mile from the Abydos boat graves where early pharaohs were entombed.
  5. The Abydos boat graves were adjacent to a massive funerary enclosure for the late Dynasty II ( ca . 2675 B . C . ) Pharaoh Khasekhemwy at Abydos which is 8 miles from the Nile.
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  7. In Normandy, at Ile de Groix, a ship's grave has been found with a similar bow ornament, and boat graves of smaller boats are known from Sweden from the 9th century; apparently they also show " curls " near the bow.
  8. O'Connor said that the boat graves might have been associated with Pharaoh Djer of the first dynasty, whose probable cult center has been uncovered in the vicinity, or even to Aha, the first of the first dynasty rulers of Egypt, whose reign began shortly after 3000 B . C.
  9. Archaeologists have ruled out what once appeared to be the most likely candidate, Pharaoh Khasekhemwy from the late second dynasty, about 2675 B . C . The ruins of a huge enclosure of thick mud-brick walls, standing near the row of boat graves, has been associated with the performance of sacred rituals for this particular pharaoh after his burial at Abydos.
  10. However, these boat graves were established earlier than late in Dynasty II, perhaps for the afterlife journeys of Hor-Aha, the first king ( ca . 2920 2770 ) of the First Dynasty of Egypt, or Pharaoh Djer also of Dynasty I . Two more recently located mortuary discoveries have been identified as those of King Aha, who may been the son of the famous King Narmer, to whom the first unification of Upper and Lower Egypt is often attributed.


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