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  1. Training in boat handling and VHF Marine Radio is to Bala, Wales.
  2. The course included navigation, fire-fighting, first aid, boat handling and survival techniques.
  3. These offerings include small-boat handling, sea chanteys, shipsmithing, canvas working, and demonstration squad.
  4. The canal was also used to train soldiers in boat handling
  5. I was deep in the chapter headed " Boat Handling Under Adverse Conditions ."
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  7. The team sailed a spectacular last race displaying great crew work and boat handling.
  8. Training for boat handling and amphibious landings took place at Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.
  9. It is primarily used for seamanship and boat handling training.
  10. Your boat handling has to be top-notch, and you have to have your speed up.
  11. For general information on boat handling and safety, British Waterways publish a useful Boater's Handbook.
  12. Our boat handling was tight and we pushed as hard as we could, " he said.
  13. The first step toward becoming a qualified boat captain is learning basic seamanship and proper boat handling.
  14. From this, the book evolved through subsequent editions into " Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling ".
  15. Both vessels share old-school style, boat handling, and aesthetic qualities and both attract similar classic wood-boat enthusiasts.
  16. Deck crew perform all boat handling functions.
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