boat house造句

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  1. Mount Holyoke College offered its boat house, boats and coaches to train.
  2. Space in the boat house is currently leased to Murray Edwards College.
  3. However, the proposed walking paths, boat house, and bandstand were never completed.
  4. When McBean passed the Cambridge Boat House, she had the fastest split.
  5. The boat house consists of changing rooms, gym, club room and kitchen.
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  7. When Tracy arrives at the boat house, she finds Anthony's dead body.
  8. George realizes the boat house is missing and is replaced by moving shadows.
  9. This lake was equipped with a boat house and beautiful Pavilion.
  10. He locks the door of the boat house leaving Carol trapped.
  11. From 1932 through 1946 the Club met in the old Morgan Boat House.
  12. The club has a monumental boat house on the river Schie.
  13. _The Boat House in Laugharne, Wales, home to poet-playwright Dylan Thomas.
  14. The boat house comes under Ariyankuppam ( West ) village of Ariyankuppam Commune.
  15. The Galley was added in 1965 and the boat house followed in 1968.
  16. A boat house on the Pykara reservoir is an added attraction for tourists.
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