boat houses造句


  1. There is a small harbour in 豶av韐 and some boat houses.
  2. The company began by selling boat houses, garages and summer cottages.
  3. There are several abandoned boat houses located along South Bay.
  4. The fougasse possibly still exists buried under these boat houses.
  5. It remains one of the oldest surviving rowing boat houses along the Brisbane River.
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  7. Racing boats are stored in boat houses.
  8. There was a nice swimming beach, and of course, the fishing boat houses.
  9. The boats are now in other boat houses around the fjord of V醙ur, V醙sfj鴕饀r.
  10. The ORC facilities includes two boat houses.
  11. The boat houses a printing studio, and is a venue for art and music events.
  12. The City Sprints are now held in front of the boat houses over a shorter course.
  13. They would be driven to a launch which would take them to one of the boat houses.
  14. The rest and retreat zone features forest eco-lodges, boat houses and a health spa resort.
  15. On the northern side of the lake, opposite The Lido, are two self-contained boat houses.
  16. "' Boat house "': the Coast Guard constructed three boat houses at Whitefish Point.
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