1. Andrei Bolshoy took the side of the offended prince of Volokolamsk.
  2. Those islands would later be called Bolshoy Lyakhovsky and the Medvyezhi Islands.
  3. A blanket of unconsolidated Cenozoic sediments blankets most of Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island.
  4. Revivals took place at the Bolshoy in 1935, 1949 and 1963.
  5. Peschany is located to the east of Bolshoy Begichev Island.
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  7. The largest island is Bolshoy Pelis ( 4 km?).
  8. After that Atlantov, was transferred to the Bolshoy Theater in Moscow.
  9. In the settlement of Bolshoy Kichmay the Shakhe turns southwest.
  10. The Bolshoy Theatre has only recently embraced the composer's own version.
  11. In 1927 he was arrested and imprisoned in the Bolshoy Dom in Leningrad.
  12. Two days later Rasputin's body was found near Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge.
  13. The larger Bolshoy opened on January 6, 1825.
  14. He also went to Milan with the Bolshoy Theater.
  15. It lies to the northeast of Bolshoy Shantar Island.
  16. This area, near Bolshoy Ustinsky Bridge, underwent significant construction in the 1930s.
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