1. Brian Boquist, GOP 14, 350-44 percent
  2. Brian Boquist, GOP 64, 534-43 percent
  3. Brian Boquist, GOP 85, 126-43 percent
  4. Brian Boquist, GOP 93, 290-43 percent
  5. Brian Boquist, GOP 109, 585-43 percent
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  7. Boquist is involved with several other business entities primarily in the agriculture and forestry industry.
  8. Son Volt multi-instrumentalist Dave Boquist contributed lap steel, fiddle, banjo and guitar.
  9. Martin Boquist, Robert Arrhenius and Sebastian Seifert led the young Swedish team with five goals each.
  10. Boquist serves as the Chairman of the Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee in the Oregon State Senate.
  11. Boquist is a former career special forces lieutenant colonel who served in branches of the United States Army.
  12. Oregon congressional candidate Brian Boquist and his supporters have gotten into a rough spot for handing out free emery boards.
  13. In the 2008 Republican primary, Boquist announced that he was leaving the Oregon House to seek election to the state Senate.
  14. Boquist was re-elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 2006 with 58 % ( 13, 422 ) of the vote.
  15. In a recent article in Option magazine, Farrar's bandmate Dave Boquist admitted that he usually doesn't " get"
  16. After the release of " Smile ", Boquist left the band to start a solo career and was replaced by Malin Kernby.
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