breaking home ties造句


  1. Her last film was the 1987 television movie " Norman Rockwell's Breaking Home Ties ".
  2. His " Breaking Home Ties ", a picture of American farm life, was engraved with considerable popular success.
  3. In that gap was the original paintings purchased by their father, including the original copy of " Breaking Home Ties ".
  4. The US artist Norman Rockwell's painting " Breaking Home Ties " sold in a 2006 Sotheby's auction for USD15.4 million.
  5. They found film in the studio revealing that their father possessed two copies of " Breaking Home Ties ", with differences that were visibly noticeable.
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  7. She also occasionally returned to acting, in her last role playing an aging schoolteacher in the 1987 television movie " Norman Rockwell's Breaking Home Ties ."
  8. One of his most famous paintings,  Breaking Home Ties,  ( shown below ) as well as several others, can be seen in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


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