breaking horses造句


  1. Chato resumes his normal life, busying himself with breaking horses during the day.
  2. After years of raising cattle and breaking horses, he joined the Mexican rodeo circuit.
  3. After his release from prison, Fisher began working as a cowboy, breaking horses.
  4. His fatherhad grown up in southern Utah's ranching country, herding sheep and breaking horses.
  5. Calthrop rejected the cruel methods of breaking horses common in that era, and practiced gentle methods.
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  7. Instead of breaking horses, those who use the gentle method call it " starting ."
  8. Walter Pratt, 41, has been doctoring and breaking horses for a year and a half now.
  9. The rest of the day, he was mostly alone, herding cattle, breaking horses or fixing fences.
  10. Taller has been contracted to provide horses to the army and will accompany the party, breaking horses on the way.
  11. He prizes people who succeed with their hands, whether they're breaking horses or shooting a rifle or making sculptures.
  12. Their father, Coy Sr ., started out in Hollywood breaking horses for Buck Jones, then began appearing in films.
  13. Known for her skill for breaking horses, she described Marine boot camp as : " hard but not too hard ."
  14. He wrangled a job breaking horses and chasing cattle in southern Alberta, at the foot of the Rockies near the American border.
  15. But you know, there are lots of 60-year-old cowboys breaking horses and falling on their asses and rodeoing.
  16. Williams went on to raise other record-breaking horses, but he lost much of his fortune in the Panic of 1893.
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