breaking inside造句


  1. She also sang on Shinedown song " Breaking Inside ".
  2. Or there can be a more mechanical problem, such as something breaking inside the carburetor.
  3. His win Sunday should bring him close to breaking inside the top 20 for the first time in his career.
  4. He has told fans that his surgery has his hip " breaking inside " and refuses to have further work on it.
  5. When Mulder's curveball stayed over the plate instead of breaking inside, Soriano singled to right-center in the first.
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  7. But as bad as the house was, the three juveniles arrested for breaking inside and wreaking the havoc have only been charged with misdemeanors.
  8. Investment banks are supposed to restrict the flow of information to avoid breaking insider-trading laws, though many investors say Chinese Walls are porous.
  9. In October 2011 the court rejected his appeal in a 4 3 decision, saying that Soros had been aware of the risk of breaking insider trading laws.
  10. Simon, a former chairman of British Petroleum, said publication of BP's second quarter earnings meant that he would no longer be breaking insider trading rules if he sold.
  11. A common criticism of the Lentulo spiral is that the long term failures resulting from marginally poorer cement / sealer distribution are less problematic than the possibility of the spiral breaking inside the root canal.
  12. After breaking inside, Angus is confronted by Milos, who has now been turned into an Amnion while still retaining his human memories, mannerisms and form-the Amnion apparently having perfected their mutagens.
  13. For instance, sometimes, a commissioner simply needs to be on hand to assist with a breaking insider-trading case, where it's necessary to convince a judge to freeze assets before they disappear.
  14. Instead of throwing to an open man breaking inside coverage on a third-down blitz, he seemed to panic and fired the ball wide and outside into Brown's hands with no receiver within 10 yards.
  15. Houston began a miserable one of seven before breaking inside of Dale Ellis for a floater that pulled the Knicks within three points of the Sonics, who were threatening to pull away with four minutes left until the half.
  16. Protege users can buy the same pillow bolt that comes stock in the Vice from Bob Long Direct; it uses a rubber insert in the bolt face to put less pressure on the paintball being fired and to prevent paint from breaking inside the barrel.
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