breaking pitch造句

"breaking pitch"是什么意思   


  1. Power hitting, genuine speed, a tight breaking pitch on the outside corner.
  2. He was also able to get good movement on his breaking pitch.
  3. Hernandez's breaking pitches did not appeared fine, and his fastball was mediocre.
  4. Japanese pitchers throw more breaking pitches and rarely try to intimidate hitters.
  5. As Ryan grew older, he began to use his breaking pitches more.
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  7. During that session, he is expected to mix in some breaking pitches.
  8. He had good command of his breaking pitches, his fastball and changeup.
  9. I kept missing with my fastball and relying on my breaking pitches.
  10. That shows he's not overanxious and is waiting on the breaking pitch.
  11. The blister pains Valdes ( 5-2 ) particularly on his breaking pitches.
  12. With the assistance of pitching coach Dave Duncan, Benes refined his breaking pitch.
  13. He has a good fastball, a good changeup, good breaking pitches.
  14. Then came the breaking pitch that nicked him on the knee.
  15. He could have thrown another of his hard-breaking pitches that had Singleton befuddled.
  16. His fastball got better, his changeup got better, his breaking pitches got better.
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