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  1. But up in town was what we used to call an egg-breaking plant where they made powdered eggs.
  2. At least one source claims that, in 1873, coal breaking plants were found only at anthracite mines in Pennsylvania.
  3. In the midst of his spreading, Loren noticed the egg-breaking plant had barrels of old raw eggs not fit for human consumption.
  4. However, changing demand for coal in the post-World War II era led to the abandonment and consolidation of many coal breaking plants.
  5. Wise was a strong advocate of good quality stone ballast, and he developed a quarry near Ballymoney where he installed the latest stone-breaking plant.
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  7. In the typical coal breaking plant at the beginning of the 20th century, the coal entered the plant at the upper floor and slid down a gently inclined " picker table " where breaker boys removed obvious impurities such as rocks and large pieces of slate and threw them down chutes to the culm pile.


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